Welcome to Computational Biology Lab (or Zespół Biologii Obliczeniowej - ZBO in Polish) at IPI PAN in Warsaw.

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Our focus is on learning functions of non-coding DNA regions and thus detect regulatory disorders that may result in abnormalities in biological pathways. In order to better understand development of various diseases, we seek to rely on thorough studies of multiple informative gene expression regulatory layers, including the genomic, epigenomic, proteomic and other -omics variability in the course of evolution. Our group incorporates multidisciplinary knowledge including statistics, mathematical modeling, machine learning, programing, Big Data analysis, parallel computing, biochemistry, ecology, evolution and molecular biology to unveil, with the help of our proprietary algorithms, the mechanistic structure of a wide spectrum of biological issues. While our Lab was established in March 2015, our close collaboration started earlier, or much earlier - for some of us already in 2005.

Now, looking to the future, we strongly wish to further develop our multidisciplinary research activities by attracting bright, dynamic and committed young researchers working or specializing in one or more of the various fields of our interest; for information on open positions in the Lab please see (open positions).

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Full contact information is provided on IPI PAN employees page.